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I can highly recommend Moses Kandie as a bird and nature tour guide. He is a true professional when it comes to organize birding tours and safaris, also for bigger groups. His identification skills and ability to spot species are excellent without any doubt. When these qualities are combined with a wide knowledge of birding hotspots, you will have a great tour with Moses.

Santtu AhlmanTop Notch Tour Operator–http://www.ahlmangroup.fi


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In February, we had the pleasure to go with Moses Kandie as a tour guide during a three week tour of Kenya. The trip was professional and well thought out. We went in two cars with two talented drivers. It was a great advantage with two cars, there was plenty of space, we could split up if we wanted, it was possible to shift the traveling companions from one day to another.

It was easy and pleasant to travel with Moses. We traveled in western Kenya in various national parks and reserves. It was varied and well balanced. All schedules worked perfectly and there was still room for improvisation. Moses handled the group skillfully and politely. He had a well thought out program, but also listened to our requests

We were impressed by Moses´s skills, birds are his specialty but he’s also very well-educated. He has a wide network of contacts and used the help of other persons when special knowledge was needed such as local knowledge.

Moses is a generous person, he has a great sense of humor, a big heart and the ability to understand our needs in a good way. We will not hesitate to hire him again when we travel on safari in Kenya.

                   Ture Gorransson,Sweden


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