Depart Nairobi stopping by Manguo pond for water birds that will include African white backed duck,Red billed teal, Blue-billed teal, Yellow billed duck, Great white egret, Intermediate egret, Reed cormorant, Moorhen, possibility of Maccoa duck and much more, the periphery will also provide sights of Cinnamon chested bee eater, Hunter’s cisticola, Grey capped warbler and others, another stop at Rift valley view point will enlist Northern and Eastern double collared sunbird, Malachite and Golden winged sunbirds, Cape robin chat, Red faced cisticola etc. If time allows we may detour to the Kinangop plateau for the endemic Sharpe’s longclaw then head to Crater Lake lodge, where lunch and check in awaits. After this we will go around the facility for Little rock thrush, White eyed slaty flycatcher, Hilderbrandt’s francolin, African fish eagle, Osprey and more before we drive into the expansive sanctuary for Grey creste helmet shrike, Scaly throated honeyguide, Greater honeyguide, Brown parisoma, Peral spotted owlet and more before dusk sets in.

Early breakfast and drive to Maasai Mara for lunch after check in at Aruba Lodge, evening game drive for birds such as Red capped lark, Athi short toed lark, rufous naped lark,Fischer’s sparrow lark,Crowned lapwing, Black winged lapwing, Rosy throated longclaw, Yellow throated sandgrouse, Long billed pipit, White bellied bustard, Black bellied bustard and more before we retire.

Day 3

With lunched packed and breakfast taken early we live for much of the day to look for
Southern ground hornbill, Schalow’s turaco, Red fronted barbet, White headed barbet, Bare faced turaco, Kori bustard, Senegal lapwing, Meyer’s parrot, Rufous tailed weaver, Grey kestrel, Lappet faced vulture, White headed vulture, Martial eagle, Tawny eagle and more before we end at the camp.

Day 4

After breakfast we will leave for Lake Victoria stopping at the Ahero paddy field for Southern red bishop, Yellow backed weaver, African open billed stork, Long toed lapwing, Grey headed kingfisher and more other before we arrive at Imperial hotel for lunch and a bit of rest for the heat to subside before we drive and venture the Papyrus shoreline for Swamp flycatcher, Lesser and Greater swamp warbler, Carruther’s Cisticola, Blue headed coucal, Eastern grey plantain eater, Black billed and Double toothed barbet and depending on the weather we can take a ride for Papyrus Gonolek, Northern brown throated weaver, the elusive White winged warbler and others before we drive back otherwise we can leave the boat ride for the next day in the morning.

Day 5

Early breakfast and pack up luggage and set out to Kakamega forest or else early drive for a boat ride if we had not done it the previous day otherwise an early arrival to the forest would see us start picking up some species like Grey throated barbet, Great blue turaco, Black and white casqued hornbill, Luhder’s bush shrke , White chinned prinia, Bandied prinia, Yellow spotted barbet, Black collared apalis, Bocage’s bush shrike and others before we get to the hotel in the forest for lunch and check in. After lunch we will take a walk in the nearby trail for White spotted fluff-tail, Blue headed bee eater, Grey winged robin chat, Snow crowned robinchat, Mountain wagtail, Red bellied paradise flycatcher, African dusky flycatcher, African blue flycatcher and more before we comb the edges of the tea plantation for Chubb’s cisticola, Brown chested Alethe, Red headed bluebill, Ross’s turaco, we will walk back to the resort upon dusk.

Day 6

Early breakfast and walk the road for Turner’s eremomela, Pink footed puff-back, African shrike flycatcher, Honeguide greenbul, Cabanis greenbul, Kakamega greenbul, Ansorge’s greenbul, yellow whiskered greenbul, Joyful greenbul, African crowned eagle, Bar tailed trogon, Scaly chested illadopsis, mountain illadopsis , Equatorial Akalat,Yellow rumped tinkerbird, Jameson’s wattle eye, Chestnut wattle eye and more, we will take various trails having a break for lunch and settling again upon dusk setting in.

Day 7

Early breakfast and departure to Lake Baringo passing by Keiyo hills, Tugen hills where chances of Boran Cisticola and White crested turaco is high along with lowland species including Red and Yellow barbet, D’arnaud’s barbet, White headed buffalo weaver, Northern white crowned shrike, the escarpment will provide sighting of Mottle swift, White rumped, Nyanza swifts and more. Arrival for lunch at Soi safari lodge and then late afternoon walk in the cliffs for Brown tailed rock chat, Mocking cliff chat, Hemprich’s hornbill, Jackson’s hornbill, Black eagle, lanner falcon, Black throated barbet, Grey wren warbler, Red faced apalis Three streaked Tchagra, red fronted tinkerbird, Bristle crowned starling, Rufous crowned roller and more others before retiring to the hotel.

Day 8

3 hours morning boat ride, breakfast and nocturnals birding including Three-banded Courser, Slender-tailed Nightjar, Spotted Stone Curlew. Grayish Eagle-owl, White-faced Scops-owl, Pearl-spotted Owlet, African Scops-owl and Giant Eagle-owl. After early lunch we will head to Nakuru when upon entry into the park we will slowly advance to Lake Nakuru lodge,hoping to check in the evening

Day 9

Early breakfast and go to the park, where most of the morning will be spent driving for Great and Pink baked pelican, Pied avocet, Ruff, Northern shoveller, Southern pochard, Lesser and Greater flamingo, Grey backed fiscal, Kittlitz plover, Little stint, Greater painted snipe, white fronted bee eater, African bazzar , Augur buzzard and more before we come for lunch and then head to Nairobi for a night at Sarova Panafric .


Day 10

Early breakfast and depart Nairobi for Voi stopping along Mombasa road at Athi and Kapiti plains for chances of Red throated tit, Shelley’s francolin etc before we stop again for lunch at Hunter’s lodge which a stream running through where sometimes African golden weavers nest in numbers, others will include Comb duck, Giant Kingfisher, Abyssinian white eye and more. We will then proceed to Voi wildlife lodge and after check in we will do compound birding for African bare eyed thrush, Blue capped cordon blue , Sombre greenbul, Black bellied sunbird, Thrush Nightingale and more before  we settle in for the night.


Day 11

Early breakfast and depart to Taita hills for Taita endemics (Taita Apalis,Taita white-eye and Taita thrush) along with Yellow throated woodland  warbler, Striped pipit, Brown hooded kingfisher, White-naped raven. We will drive to Voi for lunch then later venture into Tsavo East national park for  Straw tailed whydah, Pink breasted lark, African orange bellied parrot, Scaly chatterer, Golden breasted starling, Red naped bush shrike ,Chestnut bellied sandgrouse, Black faced sandgrouse, Pangani longclaw, Taita fiscal and more before we come for Night at Voi wildlife lodge.


DAY 12

Early breakfast and depart to Malindi viaTsavo East national park. Somali courser, Chestnut headed and Chestnut backed finch larks, Somali courser,Caspian plover, Brown snake eagle, Grasshopper buzzard ,Rosy patched bush shrike and more will be seen in the park. We will arrive at Watamu in the evening. Night in Temple point.


DAY 13

Early morning birding in Arabuko/Sokoke forest for Amani sunbird,Plain backed sunbird,Red tailed ant thrush, Blue mantled crested flycatcher, Forest batis,Four coloured bush shrike,Green barbet,Mombasa woodpecker,Retz and Chestnut fronted helmet shrike,Sokoke pipit and sokoke scops owl.Night at Temple point.


DAY 14

Early morning birding in sabaki river delta for Grey headed gull, Sooty gull,Greater and Lesser crested terns, White fronted plover, Greater and Lesser sand plover. After lunch we will go to the Mida creek for crab plovers and later depart to Mombasa Airport for an outbound flight.