For years and years this phenomenon has carried on and on and to me it kind of aggravates moving forward: the list of species whose time is taken away by mirrors is bulging.

I knew of barbets,hornbills,then it became buffallo weavers and now sunbirds and woodpeckers. The aggravation seem to hike with popularization of reflective glass-use on windows. It use to be car mirrors for a long time before our houses got furnished with reflective windows. For a long time, I have observed these creatures  relentlessly peck glass as they see themselves in it and I have in fact seen there bills blunting gradually and I believe it could as well result in severing of neck bones and other parts of there bodies. I am now thinking something has to be done to alleviate it. I know reflective glass on our windows is attractive and perhaps there are no laws governing its usage but it might be worthwhile limiting its use for the sake of the little feathered friends.

Whats is your take?