Early morning arrival and drive out of Nairobi passing by Manguo pond for Maccoa duck, White face and fulvous whistling ducks, some egrets, Grey crowned crane, Southern pochard, Northern shoveller,White backed duck, Hunter’s cisticola, wood sandpiper, Marsh sandpiper and more others, from here we will pass by the Rift valley view point where a brief stop will let us get sights of Golden winged sunbird, eastern double collared sunbird, Cape robinchat. Before we depart to Crater Lake resort for lunch and afterwards venture into the sanctuary where we expect Grey crested helmet shrike, Bearded woodpecker, Nubian woodpecker, greater honeyguide, Scaly-throated honeyguide, Red headed weaver and others plus game which will include Masai giraffe, Cape buffalo, warthog, Waterbuck, Thomson and Grant’s gazelle , Kirk’s didkdik and more. We retire hotel at dusk for dinner and bedtime.


Depart Naivasha after early breakfast for Mara, where we expect to arrive for lunch at Fig tree camp. After a check in we will rest and later drive into the park expecting to see the big five and numerous zebras and perhaps few late wildebeest leaving for Serengeti. We will later retire for dinner and night.



Early breakfast with packed lunch and embark to the park till evening, Yellow throated sand grouse, White headed, Ruppel’s,White backed, Lappet faced vultures, Black winged plover,Teminck’s courser and various raptors. The trip will take us to the wildebeest crossing point where we will try our luck. We will later drive back to camp.



Early breakfast and with packed lunch and spend most of the time in Mara plains for any spectacular occurrence like hunting cats and some birding too for some that may not have been seen, the morning can as well be spent on ballon ride. We will be back in the afternoon for rest in the camp.


Day 5

Early breakfast and depart to Kakamega forest passing by Lake Victoria for brief birding which will yield Yellow backed weaver, water thicknee,Northern brown throated weaver, Swamp flycatcher, Black headed gonoleks.Others include Eastern grey plantain eater, Black billed barbet and more. We will then depart for Kakamega forest where on arrival we will check in and have lunch then embark on hotel-compound birding. Night at Rondo retreat.


Day 6

Early breakfast and birding in the forest’s different sections. Back for lunch at the hotel and later more birding till dusk. Various forest birds will be seen ,such as Blue headed bee- eater, Red headed malimbe,Chubb’s cisticola,Great blue turaco,Yellow spotted, Hairy breasted and Grey throated barbets and many greenbuls.Night at Rondo retreat.




Early breakfast and pack-up and bird the road through the forest as we depart to Kerio view,we will pass by Kingwal swamp for wattled plovers, Long toed plover then Chebonet swamp for possibility of lesser jacana, Lesser moorhen and later night at Kerio view hotel.



Early breakfast and depart for Lake Baringo, birding along the way for Ross’s and white crested turacos, Crowned hornbill. Lunch at Roberts camp, check in and depart to West bay area for Black headed plover, Lichtenstein sand grouse, Slender tailed nightjar, Verreaux’s eagle owl,Sulphur breasted and Grey headed bush shrikes, White headed buffalo weaver and more. Soi safari lodge



Early morning boat ride for Northern masked, lesser masked, Jackson’s and Black headed weavers,Squacco ,Straited,Goliath,Purple herons, Little bittern, Woodland ,Giant,Pied,Malachite, Grey headed kingfishers, Senegal thicknee,Allen’s gallinule, Purple swamphen,Yellow crowned, Northern red bishop and more. We will come back for breakfast and go out on a short birding before lunch which will elicit Northern white faced scops owl, African scops owl, Greyish eagle own, Three banded courser and pearl spotted owlet. We will bird the compound in the afternoon for northern brownbul,Brown babbler, Rufus chatterer,White crested helmet shrike, Hunter’s sunbird, magpie starling and more .Night at Soi safari lodge.


DAY 10

Early departure to the cliffs for Hemprich’s hornbill,Brown tailed rock chat,Black throated barbet,Fan tailed raven, Lanner falcon, Pigmy falcon, Jacobin cuckoo,Red chested cuckoo,Jackson’s hornbill and others. After breakfast we will pack-up and depart to Lake Nakuru enroute   Lake Bogoria reserve for Flamingos ,Silverbird,Three banded plover,black winged stilt,Spot-flanked barbet,Pigmy batis, Speckle fronted weavers and later drive to Lake Nakuru stopping on the way for Marico sunbird, Knobbed-billed duck (if wet).Evening arrival to Nakuru for a night at Lake Nakuru lodge.


DAY 11

Early breakfast and a game drive at Lake Nakuru for Scarlet chested sunbird, Amethyst sunbird,Broad billed roller,Little rock thrush,White fronted bee eater,Martial eagle, Lesser Kestrel,Ruff,Marsh sandpiper, wood sandpiper,Olive pigeon, Cliff chat and some game. After lunch we will drive out birding and head to Nyahururu for a night at Panari resort.


DAY 12

Early morning birding along the escarpment by the falls for Slender billed starling, Grey cuckoo shrike,Hartlaub’s turaco,Moustached green tinker bird, Sharpe’s starling, Abyssinian crimsonwing, Mountain buzzard, Silvery-cheeked hornbill. After lunch we will drive to Nyeri passing the Mackinder’s owl spot where Violet backed starling may be seen, the ranch along the road will provide sighting of White bellied bustard, Black bellied bustard, driving through Solio ranch will elicit Brown warbler, Yellow throated longclaw,Pangani longclaw,African quail finch.We may explore mukuruweini in the evening for Hinde’s babbler, Singing cisticola,Holub’s weaver,Red-backed manikin.Night in Nyeri’s Outspan lodge.


DAY 13

Early breakfast and depart to Samburu game reserve, birding will upon entry and later late afternoon till dusk. Night at Samburu lodge.Yellow billed,Von der deckens hornbills,Donaldsonsmith sparrow weaver,Black faced sandgrouse,Banded warbler,Brubru,Bateleur,Wooded vulture,Palm nut vulture will be our focus here.Night at Samburu lodge.


Day 14

Early morning birding till 9 o’clock when we come for breakfast and head to buffalo spring area for namaqua dove,White headed mouse bird,Pale chanting goshawk,Foxy lark,Fischer’s finch lark,Somali bee eater, Ashy cisticola,Reticulated giraffe, Grevy zebra,Beisa oryx and possibilities of honey badgers.

We will proceed on with game viewing and birding after lunch till dusk.Night at Samburu lodge.


DAY 15

Early morning birding till 9 o’clock for breakfast and embarkation to castle forest in the slopes of Mt Kenya. Afternoon arrival will see us bird the road for White headed wood hopoe,Waller’s starling,Red fronted parrot, Grey apalis,Black throated apalis,White starred robin, Black fronted bush shrike,White tailed crested flycatcher. We will look out for Green ibis late in the evening. Night at castle forest lodge.


DAY 16

Early breakfast and birding around the compound for Black headed waxbill, Oriole finch, Abbot’s starling, Common stone chat, Rufous breasted sparrow hawk, Crowned eagle, we will later pack and drive out birding along the road, hoping to see Hill babbler, Mountain greenbul, Black throated wattle eye, and African black duck may be seen at the river. We will drive to the Mwea irrigation scheme to see Fan tailed widow birds, Fulvous and White face whistling ducks, Parasitic weavers as we head to Nairobi for a night.


Day 17

Early drive to Voi,we will do a lunch stop at Hunter’s lodge, the compound may present few species, then a night in Voi wildlife lodge.


Day 18

Early breakfast and depart to Taita hills for Taita endemics (Taita Apalis,Taita white-eye and Taita thrush) along with Yellow throated warbler, Striped pipit, Brown wooded kingfisher, White-naped raven. We will drive to Voi for lunch and visit Sagala ranch for Straw tailed whydah, Pink breasted lark, Orange breasted parrot, Scaly chatterer, Golden winged starling and more. Night at Voi wildlife lodge.






DAY 19

Early breakfast and depart to Malindi viaTsavo east national park. Somali courser,Chestnut headed and Chestnut backed finch larks,Caspian plover,Brown snake eagle,Rosy patched bush shrike and more will be seen in the park. We will arrive at Watamu in the evening. Night in Temple point.


DAY 20

Early morning birding in Arabuko/Sokoke forest for Amani sunbird,Plain backed sunbird,Red tailed ant thrush, Blue mantled crested flycatcher, Forest batis,Four coloured bush shrike,Green barbet,Mombasa woodpecker,Retz and Chestnut fronted helmet shrike,Sokoke pipit and sokoke scops owl.Night at Temple point.


DAY 21

Early morning birding in sabaki river delta for Grey headed gull, Sooty gull,Greater and Lesser crested terns, White fronted plover, Greater and Lesser sand plover.After lunch we will go to the Mida creek for crab plovers and later depart to Mombasa Airport for an outbound flight.