15 Days Birding Itinerary

Day 1. Depart Nairobi passing by Manguo ponds as you head to Lake Naivasha. Upon arrival check in for lunch at Crater Lake resort, after embark on a drive to Crater-lake sanctuary for birding which will yield Bearded, Nubian, Cardinal and Grey woodpeckers, Brown warbler, White bellied tit and more. Night at Crater Lake. http://craterlakecamp.com/

Day 2. Early breakfast and drive to Maasai Mara ,after check in at Crocodile camp, evening game drive for birds such as various species of larks, eagles, vultures, waders and numerous game seen at close quarters.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Crocodile camp http://www.crocodilecamp-masaimara.com/
Day 3.
Early morning breakfast then all-day game drive in Maasai Mara Reserve.Lunch will be packed to be eaten in the park we will this day wander as far as Serengeti, the Mara river which will give us chances of Schawlow’s turaco, Secretary bird, Rufous tailed weaver, big game with possibilities of the three big cats. Night at Crocodile camp

Day 4.

Early morning depart to Lake Victoria with packed lunch where upon arrival take lunch and later brief birding by the lake shore for a chance of  Grey Plantain-eater, Water Dikkop, Carruthers Cisticola, black headed Gonolek after which  will settle at Imperial hotel. http://imperialhotelkisumu.com/


Day 5.

Morning boat ride along Hippo Point Road. This will elicit the Northern Brown-throated Weavers, Red-chested sunbird, Water Dikkop, Carruthers Cisticola, African Skimmer and with luck Papyrus Gonolek. After breakfast depart to Kakamega forest for lunch and latera birdwalk.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Overnight at Rondo retreat. http://www.rondoretreat.com/

Day 6.
Morning birding in the forest for greenbuls, alethes, turacos, forest weavers, Stulhman’s Starlings, warblers, widow birds. Beautiful butterflies and plants are plenty, various monkeys too.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Overnight at Rondo retreat.

Day 7.
Morning birding and after-breakfast departure to Lake Baringo stopping various places along the road for Turacos and other birds, we will then rush to Lake Bogoria resort for lunch and later head to the reserve for flamingos, waders as well as Greater Kudu. We will then drive to Lake Baringo for a night at Soi safari lodge. http://www.soisafarilodge-lkbaringo.com/


Day 8.
3 hours morning boat ride, breakfast and nocturnals birding including Three-banded Courser, Slender-tailed Nightjar, Spotted Stone Curlew. Grayish Eagle-owl, White-faced Scops-owl, Pearl-spotted Owlet, African Scops-owl and Giant Eagle-owl. After lunch we continue tothe West Bay area looking for Lichtenstein Sandgrouse, Black-headed Lapwing and Gonolek.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Overnight at Soi safari lodge

Day 9.
Morning birding at the cliffs looking for Brown-tailed Chat, Cliff Chat and then depart to Nakuru passing by Lake Bogoria for flamingos and eventually night at Lake Nakuru lodge http://www.lakenakurulodge.com/

Day 10

Early breakfast, pack up and embark on birding and game viewing in Lake Nakuru national park, lunch will be taken at Lake Nakuru lodge before we proceed with our birding as we exit and head to Nyahururu’s Thomson falls for a night. http://www.thomsonsfallslodge.co.ke/

Day 11

Early breakfast and bird the falls edge for Sharpe’s starling,Slender billed starling, likelihood of African black duck, Mountain buzzard,Hartlaub’s and more.After this we will proceed to Nyeri town,passing by Mackinder’s owl spot.After lunch we will drive to Mukuruweini for Hinde’s babbler then depart to Castle forest lodge for a night though evening arrival may coincide with emergence of Green ibis. http://www.castleforestlodge.com/

Day 12

Early breakfast and start the walk down the road for Abbot’s starling,Wallers starling,White headed hoopoe, Black throated apalis,Tullbergs woodpecker,mountain yellow warbler, Montane oriole. We will then come for lunch and rest before we embark on an afternoon/evening session. Night at Castle forest.

Day 13

Early breakfast and depart to Samburu lodge for lunch and rest and later embark on late afternoon birding and game viewing, hoping for Somali ostrich,Somali courser,Somali bee eater,Somali crombec, eagles, Black faced and Lichtenstein sandgrouse etc. There will be interesting game such as Grevy zebra, Reticulated giraffe, Leopard, Beisa Oryx etc. We will afterwards retire to the lodge for dinner and night. http://www.wildernesslodges.co.ke/samburu_info.html

Day 14

Early morning drive in the park for chances of Lions, Leopard, honey badgers(rare) and other birds like bare-eyed thrush, Golden pipit, Black bellied sunbird, Fawn-coloured lark,Banded parissoma etc,later go for breakfast and rest till after lunch when do yet another session in the park. Night at Samburu lodge

Day 15

Early breakfast and pack up and do birding as we depart for Nairobi,lunch will be taken around Nanyuki town, late afternoon arrival in Nairobi for outbound flight.













For years and years this phenomenon has carried on and on and to me it kind of aggravates moving forward: the list of species whose time is taken away by mirrors is bulging.

I knew of barbets,hornbills,then it became buffallo weavers and now sunbirds and woodpeckers. The aggravation seem to hike with popularization of reflective glass-use on windows. It use to be car mirrors for a long time before our houses got furnished with reflective windows. For a long time, I have observed these creatures  relentlessly peck glass as they see themselves in it and I have in fact seen there bills blunting gradually and I believe it could as well result in severing of neck bones and other parts of there bodies. I am now thinking something has to be done to alleviate it. I know reflective glass on our windows is attractive and perhaps there are no laws governing its usage but it might be worthwhile limiting its use for the sake of the little feathered friends.

Whats is your take?